Dogs have been affectionately known as man’s best friend since time immemorial and there are plenty of reasons this is so. Dogs have proven themselves a perfect companion for humans with many benefits and few disadvantages. Of all the domesticated animals, dogs’ natural qualities of loyalty, steadfastness and protection have earned them a special and permanent place in the human heart.

People have been using dogs as a means of protection and security for ages. In fact, many breeds have been developed specifically for this purpose. Whether it's protection against other people, guarding livestock and property or even as an early warning for natural disasters that we humans cannot sense, dogs are always looking out for us.

For many people, a dog in the house provides a keen sense of security and safety. A simple dog bark is one of the best deterrents for a would-be robber. And should someone manage to enter your house, a dog’s physical strength and agility can overpower the most determined thief.

In addition to our private homes, dogs also keep our public spaces safe and secure. Dogs are frequently used in airports and seaports for detecting drugs and all manner of illegal items. They can be trained to search out and detect most anything. They can detect a specific chemical or substance and they can sniff out bombs or other harmful items. But simply by being dogs and our friends, they do this important work in a way that is not stressful or difficult for the people around them.

Dogs also protect us from things we humans cannot see or feel in advance. There are countless stories of dogs who have saved their humans from heart attacks, strokes, cancer and more. They can be trained for each situation specifically but many times it is simply a case of a dog knowing that something is wrong with their human’s health and alerting the owners with unusual behaviors.

Dogs provide all manner of therapy for people, often undergoing extensive training to perform very specific and detailed tasks. Some dogs are trained to alert people with epilepsy that they are about to have a seizure. These are known as seizure alert dogs. Some dogs are also trained to alert diabetics, these dogs are professionally trained to detect abnormal glucose levels in the human body. Whether someone is blind, or in a wheelchair or hard of hearing, dogs can be trained to help them live happy and complete lives. Research also shows that children with autism have been shown to respond well to therapy dogs.

With their natural extra sensory abilities, dogs also help human to detect evil spirit around us, this is very common in the Africa and Asia regions. Dogs even help prisoners by playing with them in order to develop their self-esteem and sense of responsibility. There really are countless ways that dogs serve, protect and care for their people and we are forever grateful for their service. They are very smart and loyal. And there is no better company than that of a faithful dog. Whether out enjoying an activity or just sitting by our side, they are truly man’s best friend and

In return for unlimited companion, service and support, we must look out for the health and well being of our dogs. With a trusted vet, some basic training, and lots of love we can keep our dogs healthy and happy. It is the least we can do in return for all that they give to us.

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