A love of animals and and a deep and abiding regard for their wellbeing is at the very heart and soul of Omni Charities.

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Our mission is to fund, build and maintain low cost emergency animal medical care facilities. The initial locations will be in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties in Florida, USA, with a long term goal of creating a globally applicable model for anyone in any country to implement.


Here at Omni Charities, we are all pet owners and animal lovers. And as such we have all had our fair share of vet visits and all of the associated medical bills. Some of us have also had the unfortunate experiences of needing emergency medical care for our pets. It is a hard enough thing to go through without the added worry of how to pay for these unforeseen costs. We have witnessed owners making the difficult decision to forgo treatment altogether due to lack of ability to pay. In these cases both owners and pets end up suffering.

It is with this particular situation in mind that Omni Charities International was created. We wish to alleviate the stress, worry and fear associated with having to pay unforeseen and unplanned for emergency animal medical costs. Our facilities will be of the highest caliber and services provided will be of latest technologies. However, it is our goal and our mission to make sure that these services are available to all who need then and at a fraction of the private sector costs. It is here that your donation and support will truly make the difference in the lives of countless pats and their people.

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